Create with Care: Week 1 – Tools

In the first week, we should look at our tools, which we use to create our art… Here is a picture of my tools, which I mostly use for felting my soul…

I need lots of hot water, soap (I like to use liquid soap that smells good), some plastic film for the forms of my felt, multicoloured wool(here you can see some brown- nuances). I also need at least one towel, a cutter and a thin plastic film. For felting I use another waterproof foil… so you see, much plastic – and no eco base…

In the next step, I thought about replacing the items with eco based tools… or to recycle some items… and this was the first effect:

What happend?? To measure the consumption of water, I used a definated amount of water (1l). By doing this, I will be able to measure the the recyled water and the loss of it. I got organic lavender-soap and a chiffon to lay above the felt (instead of the yellow plastic film), too.

My wool is australian merino wool, coloured with „reactive dyestuffs“. Sounds like some chemical colours… And I don´t know, if the sheep were treated well, or sheared in a kindfull way…  I think I can search for a different wool.. perhaps from german sheep?? Or I can find some naturaly coloured wool… Noooo…. I can colour wool by myself!!!! This will be a part of this experiment!

Do you have more ideas?


2 Kommentare zu „Create with Care: Week 1 – Tools

  1. Ooooh, that is so great! You’ve plunged right in and changed so many things! Yes, I’ve heard especially merino wool is a bit tricky, because they treat the sheep cruelly (not always I guess, but the thing is, you *can’t know*!).
    This article may be a bit extreme, but it points out the critical aspects of wool sourcing:
    wikipedia has a more objective article on mulesing, I’ll spare you the links too the horrible pictures you can find when googling it ;o)
    Last but not least, here is a company all about natural dyes that might interest you!

    Thanks for participating!

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